Thank you for purchasing the ProTee Golf Simulator.

This quick quide will help you through the installation process.
Let's start off with some unboxing videos to find out what's in your package.

INSTALLing the sensor SYSTEMS

NOTE: Make sure your floor is levelled.

installing the vertical camera

NOTE: If you have 2 cameras plug one into the front of the computer and one on the back.

installing the halogen light system

NOTE: Always install 2 lights even when you do not have the putting sensors.

installing the protee golf interface

NOTE: Systems shipped after October 15, 2017 require interface version 3.14 or higher.

Download Interface

install the camera driver

Note: The camera driver downloads as a ZIP file. Extract the ZIP file first.
(for systems shipped after October 15, 2017)

Download Driver

more information

ProTee Support Center / Technical Information

Visit Support

Configuring the Vertical Launch Camera

View Instructions

Configuring the Horizontal Ceiling Camera

View Instructions

Installing The Golf Club Simulator (TGC) software

Video Instructions

Installing ProTee Golf 2.0 software and portal

Video Instructions